Along with reinforcing current products, we boldly challenge new fields
through combined technologies.

What supports the technological capabilities of Shinko Wire is constant and steady technology development activities.

Using expertise in deformation processing, surface treatment and wire application developed over the years, we promote development with our sights set 10 years ahead based on new ideas, including the development of new products, improvement of products and development of new technologies and new construction methods. AFTER-BOND® PC steel, which makes grout injection unnecessary at bridge construction sites, and oil-tempered wires for valve springs, which offer excellent fatigue resistance and sag resistance have been realized by such an approach to technological development.

In every industry, Shinko Wire's technology is always close at hand, from civil engineering, construction, automotive and power generation, to such advanced industries as nuclear power, marine development and electronics.

research & development

Industrial Property Rights (As of April 2012)
Total number of patents: 109, including 11 overseas patents
Direction of Technological Development