Six divisions organically linked, offering not only products but also advanced knowledge and know-how.

Prestressing Steel Wires

We provide PC steel products used in every type of industrial field with world-class quality standards and production volume.

Steel Wires

We have developed a variety of steel wires that support high-tech industries. Our products are widely used, from industrial machines to home appliances.

Stainless Steel Wires

Mainly manufacturing stainless steel products, we also make titanium wires and special alloy wires to respond to diverse needs.

Wire Ropes

We supply a wide range of wire ropes for use in national land development projects, construction and resource extraction.


We develop wire products and construction methods most suitable for their applications and offer services from production and design to construction and maintenance.

Research & Development

We strive to develop new technologies and new construction methods, improve existing products and advance the commercialization of new products.

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