One steel product. Where reliable quality, high technology and
advanced know-how support progress

KOBELCO WIRE COMPANY, LTD. manufactures a wide variety of wire rod products, including PC steel products, essential for building the infrastructure of society.

Since our establishment in 1954, after being spun off from Kobe Steel, Ltd., KOBELCO WIRE has focused on improving quality control and developing its technology under a corporate policy of "Qualify First." Our products delivered around the world have won the trust of many industries, because of our high standards of quality. This fact speaks for itself by the many industry awards we have received, including the Deming Prize. We are the only secondary wire rod processor to have received this award.

Our steel goes into large-scale bridges that span open spaces, highways, Shinkansen bullet trains, architectural structures and many other applications. Through reliable quality and technology, we are contributing to building a new tomorrow.

Company profile

Established April 1, 1954
Capital 8.06 billion yen
President Masahiro Kawase
Employees 831iConsolidatedj
Head Office 10-1, Nakahama-cho, Amagasaki City, Hyogo, 660-0091, Japan
Tel +81-6-6411-1051 Fax +81-6-6411-1056


Kosen Service, Ltd.
Onoe Rope Engineering, Ltd.
Cable Tech, Ltd.
Tesac Shinko wire rope Co., Ltd.
Kobelco Spring Wire (Foshan) Co., Ltd.


March 1954 Established as a result of a spin-off from Kobe Steel, Ltd. and founded as Shinko Wire and Strand Co., Ltd.
April 1954 Opened Tokyo Sales Office (now Tokyo Branch) in Chuo-ku, Tokyo
April 1955 Opened Osaka Sales Office (now Osaka Branch) in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
August 1962 Listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange (2nd Section)
November 1967 Awarded Deming Application Prize. Laboratory established in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture
October 1969 Onoe Plant (now Onoe Works) established in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture
April 1971 Merged with Asahi Steel Corporation and reorganized into Izumisano Plant (now Izumisano Works)
Changed name to Shinko Wire Company, Ltd.
February 1974 Sanesu Industries Co., Ltd. in August 1999 changed its name to Shinko Wire Stainless Co., Ltd. now a consolidated subsidiary
November 1983 Established Kosen Service Co., Ltd. (now a consolidated subsidiary)
August 1985 Stock split (one share with par value of 500 split into 10 shares with par value of 50)
May 1988 Head Office and Amagasaki Plant (now Amagasaki Works) relocated to Nakahama-cho from Doi-cho, Amagasaki
June 1988 Established Onoe Rope Processing Co., Ltd. (now a consolidate subsidiary)
March 1993 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (2nd Section)
April 1995 Laboratory relocated to Nakahama-cho from Doi-cho, Amagasaki
February 1997 Wire Rope Division acquired ISO9001 certification
November 1997 Established Cabletech Co., Ltd. (now a consolidate subsidiary)
July 2000 Steel Wire Division acquired ISO9001 certification
October 2002 Representative Office opened in Shanghai, China
May 2003 Tokyo Branch relocated to Shinagawa-ku from Sumida-ku, Tokyo
August 2008 Acquired shares of Tesac Wirerope Co., Ltd. and made the same a consolidated subsidiary
April 2013 Established Tesac Shinko Wirerope Co., Ltd. through a merger of the spun off units of our company's wire rope sales division and the wire rope marketing division of Tesac Wirerope Co., Ltd.
July 2013 Established Shinko Wire (Guangzhou) Sales Co., Ltd. (now a consolidated subsidiary) in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
October 2017 Stock consolidation (10 shares consolidated into 1 share)
April 2018 Merged with and absorbed Tesac Wirerope Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of the Company, and reorganized into Nishikinohama Works
January 2021 The company's English-language corporate name has been changed to "KOBELCO WIRE COMPANY, LTD."